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A message from the Block Grant Director

Ladies and Gentlemen,

due to me leaving Ecorys, as of today I cease to act as the Block Grant Director.

In the last 6 years of managing the Technical Assistance Team I had the pleasure and great satisfaction to watch how funds from the EEA, the Norwegian and Swiss governments change our reality by supporting small, large, experienced and inexperienced NGOs in implementing hundreds of projects and thousands of necessary initiatives all around Poland.

I would like to thank all Beneficiaries, organisations and persons with whom I had the pleasure to cooperate, exchange views, and form the rules fo th the Funds so that they are friendlier to the applicants, and provide objective selection of the best projects.

I hope that in years to come, NGOs will be able to count not only on support of Swiss and Norwegian funds that will be available soon, but also on an increased engagement of our national resources dedicated to the sector - necessary in changing reality we live in and forming the civic society.

Rafał Szakalinis
Director of the Fund for Non-Governmental Organisations

Announcement of the second call for 'small' proposals

Ecorys in partnership with the The Association of Communes of RP Euroregion Baltic

The Intermediary of the Grant Block set under 
the Swiss-Polish Cooperation Programme

is opening the second call for ‘small’ proposals
for the Non-Governmental Organisations Fund

  1. Invitation to participate in the competition is extended to the NGOs fulfilling the criteria defined in the Procedures Handbook for the Non-Governmental Organisations Fund (valid with the Corrigendum) and with a total of incomes from the activities in the last accounting period not exceeding 50 000 PLN,  are invited to participate in the competition.
  2. Samples of application documents are in the Downloads tab. 
  3. The call opens on 27th April 2012.
  4. The call closes on 27th June 2012.
  5. Submit your applications to: ECORYS Polska Sp. z o.o. ul. Łucka 2/4/6, 00-845 Warszawa..
  6. Applications are to be submitted personally or by post (postage seal date is decisive) to the above address until 5 p.m., 27th June 2012.

Detailed information concerning the application procedure is available at the official website in the Fund for Non-Governmental Organisations tab, and under the telephone number: +48 22 339 45 45.

The Swiss Franc exchange rate for the second call for 'small' proposals to the Fund for Non-Governmental Organisations is: 1 CHF – 3,4403 PLN. It is the purchase rate according to the National Bank of Poland from 27th April 2012.

Easter Greetings

wielkanoc 2012

We would like to wish you happy, and peaceful Easter,
and big amounts of optimism, together with success in
professional and private life

the Block Grant Team

Helpline - announcement

Ladies and Gentlemen,

we would like to inform you that on Friday, 6th April, the Block Grant helpline will be working between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m.

We apologise for any difficulties.

Supplementing grant applications - second call for "large" projects

The process of formal assessment of grant applications submitted under the second call for "large" projects under the Fund for Non-Governmental Organisations is coming to a close.

In the past week letters asking to submit supplements were sent by e-mail or fax in the past week. They were sent only to those Applicants whi made mistakes that are possible to correct. According to the Procedures Handbook and the Corrigendum that is valid since 29th December 2011, it is possible to correct only the following errors:

  • no electronic version of the Application,
  • missing parts of appendices (e.g. a page from the KRS, a page from the statute, etc.),
  • no copy of the Application,
  • Application copy not confirmed to be true to the original,
  • appendices attached to the Application not confirmed to be true to the original (if copies of documents are submitted).

Explanations or corrections of grant applications have to be delivered to the Intermediary's office (by fax, no. 22 339 36 37 or by e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ) not later than 10 work days after the Intermediary's notification about the necessity of submitting the supplements. Documents sent by fax or e-mail have to be sent by a registered letter.



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