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Supplementing grant applications - second call for 'small' projects

The process of formal assessment of grant applications submitted under the second call for 'small' projects under the Fund for Non-Governmental Organisations is coming to a close.

Letters asking to submit supplements were sent by e-mail or fax today. They were sent only to those Applicants who made mistakes that are possible to correct. Explanations or corrections of grant applications have to be delivered to the Intermediary's office (by fax, no. 22 339 36 37 or by e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ) not later than 10 work days after the Intermediary's notification about the necessity of submitting the supplements. Documents sent by fax or e-mail have to be sent by a registered letter.

Grant application registration is complete

Today, all Applicants received e-mails confirming that their grants submitted under the second call for 'small' projects under the Block Grant's Fund for Non-Governmental Organisations were registered.

We would like to remind that grant applications are accepted until all applications sent before 27th June arrive. The Intermediary reserves the right to not accept an application and to reject it for formal reasons if it arrives later than 20 work days after the call closes.

The Intermediary has already accepted 279 grant applications. They are now assessed formally. If there are any errors or lacks that can be corrected in accordance with the Fund's procedures, the Applicants will receive appropriate information by e-mail of by fax.

The list of all registered applications can be found below.

All information about this call can be found in the Calls for proposals tab.

List of Grant applications submitted under the second call for 'small' proposals for the Fund for Non-Governmental Organisations of the Block Grant
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Announcement of the second call for proposals for the Partnership Fund

ECORYS Polska Sp. z o.o.
in partnership with the Association of RP Communes Euroregion Baltic

the Block Grant Intermediary established under
the Swiss-Polish Co-operation Programme

announces the second Call for proposals to the Partnership Fund

1. The competition invites Polish territorial self-government units of the regional or local level, including associations and unions created basing on the commune self-government act, Polish institutions, voivodeship offices and Polish social partners, in partnership with Swiss regional and local territorial self-government units, including their associations and unions, as well as Swiss institutions, social partners and non-governmental organisations that fulfil criteria defined in the Procedures Handbook for the Partnership Fund (valid with the Corrigendum) available at

2. Application documents' forms are available in the Downloads tab.

3. Call for proposals opens on 29th June, 2012.

4. Call for proposals closes on 28th December, 2012.

5. Place to submit the applications – ECORYS Polska Sp. z o.o. ul. Łucka 2/4/6, 00-845 Warszawa, Poland.

6. Applications need to be submitted at the above address until 28th December 2012, 5:00 p.m. personally or by post (postage seal date is decisive).

Detailed information connected with the application procedure is available on the official website in the Partnership Fund tab and under telephone number: +48 22 339 45 45.

Exchange rate for the Swiss franc valid for the 1st callto the Partnership Fund: 1 CHF  – 3,5303 PLN. This is the purchase rate of the NBP from 29th June, 2012.

Closing date of the second call for ‘small’ proposals is approaching

We remind you that tomorrow is the final date for submitting grant applications for ‘small’ projects under the Fund for Non-Governmental Organisations.

What should the Applicants focus on, when submitting an application?

The final date for submitting applications is due on 27th of June 2012 - at 5 p.m. in case of submitting the applications personally. If the application is sent by post or by a courier, the sending date will be binding. 

The grant application should be delivered in an envelope with a description: „Wniosek o dofinansowanie projektu w ramach Funduszu dla Organizacji Pozarządowych".

One should submit the original of the grant application, together with all the required appendices, 2 copies of the application (without appendices) and a data carrier (e.g. CD, DVD, a pendrive) with an electronic version of the grant application.

The application file should be saved in the .xls format. The .xml file will be generated by the Intermediary's employees when the application is registered. 

The required appedices to the grant application are described in detail in the Procedures Handbook for the Fund for Non-Governmental Organisations (chapter 4.4., pp. 41-44). Please, pay close attention to the Applicant's Declaration on public aid received (de minimis aid) – we would like to remind you that this appendix is obligatory for all Applicants.

In order to make the Intermediary's work easier and more efficient please bind the documents with a paper-clip (instead of stapling) and to avoid putting them into folders, files, plastic jackets and to avoid using interleafs. It is appropriate for the original, the copies and appendices to be delivered in archive clips (based on a two punchhole system). All additional systems for organising documents hinder the registration and formal assessment process.

We wish to all Applicants a successful course of formal assessment!

Announcement of the results for the second call for "large" projects under the Fund for Non-Governmental Organisations

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I am pleased to inform you that the assessment process of grant applications under the call for „large” projects under the Fund for Non-Governmental Organisations has been completed, and I am pleased to announce the results of the competition.

The Intermediary has received 615 projects. The grant amount an applicant could receive for one application was 10 000 CHF minimum and 250 000 CHF maximum.

In the beginning, the amount of resources for that call was 3 666 667 CHF (13 081 567 PLN). During the call, we have received information from the Swiss party and the Ministry of Regional Development about an increase in the amount of resources planned for the Fund for Non-Governmental Organisations, and therefore increasing the amount of allocation for this call. Although, calculating by what amount the resources for the Block Grant would be increased has caused the results announcement to be moved in time, it was beneficial for the applying organisations, because it increased the number that will have an opportunity to implement their projects.

I am very pleased that by right of the annex signed by the Intermediary and the Ministry of Regional Development, the amount of allocation under the second call for „large” projects was increased to 8 168 344 CHF (29 142 200 PLN), meaning it was increased twofold. 

The verification process of the sent to us was the same as in case of previous calls. The applications sent to the Intermediary were registered in the Block Grant database, and had ordering numbers assigned. Then, they were directed for formal assessment, that was conducted by the Intermediary’s employees, and – after a positive result – for technical assessment. The technical assessment was made by independent experts selected by the Committee for assessor selection that included representatives of the Intermediary, the Swiss-Polish Cooperation Programme’s Office, and the Ministry of Regional Development. The experts invited for assessment represented all regions of Poland, and had vast and practical knowledge and experience that allowed them to assess the application in-depth and in the scope covering all focus areas of the Fund for Non-Governmental Organisations. The assessment took place following the criteria for technical assessment for “large” projects that were presented in the Fund’s Procedures Handbook and the Erratum. If the difference in points assigned by the assessors was greater than 20% of the maximum amount of points, the application was additionally assessed by the Manager for recruitment and assessment of applications. If the Applicant has already received a grant in previous editions of the Fund for Non-Governmental Organisations, the total assessment of the project was reduced by 10 points.

25th June saw the meeting of the Steering Committee attended by observers from the Swiss-Polish Cooperation Programme Office, the Ministry of Regional Development and the Intermediary’s partner - the Association of Polish Communes Euroregion Baltic. The Committee’s actions control and monitor the whole process of recruitment and assessment of grant applications, whereas the Committee’s basic role is to make the final decision regarding awarding projects and to accept the ranking list. The Committee members received the assessors’ appraisals, the list of applications qualified for receiving a grant and the ranking list in advance. They also received the list of applications rejected for technical reasons, and those rejected after the cohesion criterion. During the meeting, the Committee members had access to all experts’ apprisals and application forms, as well as appendices and correspondence exchanged with the Applicants.

After analysing the materials, the Steering Committee considered applications no. 0562/D/2/2012 and 0567/D/2/2012 in their particular predicament. Both applications received the same amount of points that qualifies them to be awarded a grant. However, as it was pointed out, these are twin projects submitted by the same Applicant. They have the same objectives and assumptions, and plan the same actions that differ only in the area of their implementation. In the Committee’s opinion the budgets of the projects treated separately are irrational (e.g. double costs of preparing the same study tools). The Committee Members proposed awarding only one application – leaving the decision which application it is, up to the Applicant. The motion passed with a majority of votes.

The Committee made a stand on five last applications from the group recommended for grants (0467/D/2/2012, 0403/D/2/2012, 0357/D/2/2012, 0588/D/2/2012 and 0129/D/2/2012), that in the result of assessment received the same point values –168,5 points. Unfortunately the call’s budget does not allow to finance all five projects. As a result of discussion, the Committee Members decided that in this case, grants will be awarded to projects which received highest amount of points in such criteria like: the need for project implementation, cohesion and rationality of actions and costs, build of the budget. After analysing such criterion, the Steering Committee decided to award grants to the following applications: 0467/D/2/2012, 0403/D/2/2012, 0357/D/2/2012, 0588/D/2/2012. Application 0129/D/2/2009, whose budget exceeds the remaining amount of the allocation, and  was not rewarded with a grant. The resources that remained in the Fund (i.e. 161 519 PLN) were transferred onto the next call for „large” projects.

As a result of the Committee’s meeting, 60 projects were finally accepted for granting (almost 10% of the submitted applications). The Steering Committee’s decision is binding and one cannot make an appeal from it.

Soon, all Applicants whose projects were technically assessed, will receive the assessors’ comments summarising the appraisal. I hope that the experts’ opinions and support that you can receive through the helpline or consultation at the Operator’s, and Partner’s will help to apply in further calls for the Fund for the Non-Governmental Organisations.

I encourage you to share your opinions and suggestions regarding implementation of the Block Grant and the procedures. They can be a valuable hint allowing to make the system and procedures more efficient, as well as making implementation of the Fund for Non-Governmental Organisations more effective.

Ladies and Gentlemen, please learn the ranking list and the winners list.

With kind regards,
Director of the Block Grant
Karolina Malińska

List of awarded projects
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