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Happy Easter

wielkanoc2013Ladies and Gentlemen,

For the forthcoming Easter holidays we would like to wish you health, cheerfulness and many pleasant moments with family and friends.

Block Grant Team

Announcement of the third call for 'small' proposals

Ecorys in partnership with the The Association of Communes of RP Euroregion Baltic

The Intermediary of the Grant Block set under
the Swiss-Polish Cooperation Programme

is opening the third call for 'small' proposals for the Non-Governmental Organisations Fund

1. Invitation to participate in the competition is extended to the NGOs fulfilling the criteria defined in the Procedures Handbook for the Non-Governmental Organisations Fund (second edition) and with an average of total of incomes from the activities in the last 2 accounting period not exceeding 50 000 PLN, are invited to participate in the competition.
2. Samples of application documents are in the Downloads tab.
3. The call opens on 29th March 2013.
4. The call closes on 29th May 2013.
5. Grant amount for single projects amounts from 5 000 CHF to 40 000 CHF.
6. Submit your applications to: ECORYS Polska Sp. z o.o. ul. Łucka 2/4/6, 00-845 Warszawa.
7. Applications are to be submitted personally or by post (postage seal date is decisive) to the above address until 5 p.m., 29th May 2013.

Detailed information concerning the application procedure is available at the official website in the Fund for Non-Governmental Organisations tab, and under the telephone number: +48 22 339 45 45. Please, pay attention to changes in competition procedures. The updated version of the Procedures Handbook (second edition) is available in the Downloads tab.

The Swiss Franc exchange rate for the second call for 'small' proposals to the Fund for Non-Governmental Organisations is: 1 CHF – 3,3966 PLN It is the purchase rate according to the National Bank of Poland from 29th March 2013.

Reviews of technical assessment of applications submitted within the "large" projects

In response to numerous questions sent to our mailbox we inform that all applicants whose projects were technically assessed will receive reviews of technical assessment.

Assessors' comments will be sent by post to the contact address given in the application form. At the moment we are preparing the shipment. Please for your patience - shipping includes 601 applications.

Announcement of the results for the third call for "large" projects under the NGO Fund

Ladies and Gentleman,

I am pleased to inform that the the assessment process of grant applications under the third call for „large" projects under the Fund for Non-Governmental Organisations has been completed, and I am pleased to announce the results of the competition. The third call for proposals for the "large" enjoyed enormous popularity, which resulted in a prolongation of the assessment. The Intermediary has received 658 projects.

The amount of resources allocated to the call was established by the Contributor and was 7 120 143 CHF (24 202 790 PLN). Grant amount for single projects could amount from 10 000 CHF to 250 000 CHF. The applicants paid the most interest to the focus area of civic education – this area was indicated in 498 applications (76% of all submitted applications). Activities in the area of participation in public policy were the subject of 118 projects (18%), control activities were the subject of 42 projects (6%). The most represented regions were: mazowieckie (207 projects), małopolskie (84), dolnośląskie (59) and śląskie (45).

The process of verifying the submitted applications was the same as in case of the previous calls. The Applications were registered in the Block Grant database and were assigned identification numbers. Later, the applications were directed to formal assessment that was conducted by the Intermediary's employees, who – after the applications passes the formal assessment – pass them on to technical assessment. The technical assessment was made by independent experts selected by the committee for selecting assessors consisting of the representatives of the Intermediary, the Polish Swiss Cooperation Programme's Office, and the Ministry of Regional Development. The experts represented all regions of Poland and had a vast and practical knowledge, as well as experience, allowing for an in-depth assessment of applications in terms of focus areas of the NGO Fund. The assessment took place according to the Criteria for technical assessment of „large" projects that were presented in the Fund's Procedures Handbook. If the difference in the amount of points awarded by the assessors was greater than 20% of the maximum points amount, the application was additionally assessed by the Recruitment and Application assessment Manager.

Only 57 applications (9%) had formal errors and could not take part in the technical assessment. It can be observed that the percentage of applications rejected for formal reasons significantly decreased compared to previous calls for "large" projects. A large number of projects, as many as 75 (11%) did not meet the objectives and focus areas of the NGO Fund, and therefore did not acquire the required 10 points allowing the other criteria to be assessed. But only 33 applications (5%) received less than 101 points which caused them to be rejected for technical reasons. 493 projects (75%) that as a result of the assessment received 101 points and more, made it to the ranking list.

27th of March there was a meeting of the Steering Committee for approval of projects, which was also attended by observers on behalf of the Swiss Polish Cooperation Programme's Office, the Ministry of Regional Development, and the Intermediary's Partner - The Association of Communes of RP Euroregion Baltic. The Committee's actions include control and monitoring over the whole call and the grant applications assessment process, whereas the basic role of the Committee is to make the final decision on awarding grants and accepting the ranking list. With two weeks' notice, the Committee members received the experts' opinions together with the list of applications to be awarded a grant, as well as the ranking list. Together with those documents the Committee received lists of applications rejected for technical reasons, and those rejected after the cohesion criterion. At the meeting, the Committee members had access to all experts' opinions and application forms, as well as all attachments and correspondence held with the Applicants.

After analyzing materials Steering Committee paid particular attention to applications number 0300/D/3/2012 and 0299/D/3/2012. Both proposals received high scores qualifying them to be granted. Applications have been submitted by two different organizations, but their contents were identical in most points. Both projects planned the execution of the same actions and the implementation of identical goals. According to the Steering Committee funding for both projects would be irrational. On the basis of descriptions it can be assumed that both projects are directed to the same target group and activities are duplicated. The Steering Committee has stated that presenting identical offers in the competition is inappropriate and it is impossible for the Committee to determine which organization is the real author of the project. Accordingly, neither of the two projects will be granted.

The Committee has also accepted the statement about the application number 0167/D/3/2012, which received 172.5 points and was put on the ranking list, but the call's budget did not allow for it to be awarded with a grant applied for by the Applicant. Funding requested in this case amounted to 621 820 PLN. Meanwhile, the remaining funds amounted to 606 022 PLN. After a discussion members of the Committee decided that the project will awarded with a smaller grant. The applicant will be required to increase its financial contribution or to reduce the project budget.

As a result of the Committee's meeting 55 projects were finally approved for funding (which is 8,6% of all submitted projects). The average grant awarded amounts to 427 209 PLN. The Steering Committee's decision is binding and one cannot appeal from it.

Within the next few days the project supervisors appointed by the Operator will contact the granted Applicants to assist them during the process of signing contracts, the implementation and project reporting. However all Applicants whose projects were technically assessed, will receive the assessors' comments summarising the appraisal.

Ladies and Gentlemen, please learn the ranking list and the winners list.

With kind regards

Karolina Malińska
Director of the Block Grant

Planned date for finalising the call for proposals

We would like to inform that the announcement of the results of the third call for "large" projects under the Fund for Non-Governmental Organisations will suffer a slight delay. The planned announcement of the call results will fall to the second half of March.

The delay is a result of a significant number of applications that were passed on to technical assessment. The third call for "large" projects was very popular and the Intermediary received as many as 658 grant applications, while relatively few of them were rejected for formal reasons. 

We are sure that this slight delay will not have a negative effect on project implementation. Where it is necessary, the Intermediary will allow to correct the granted project's schedule, before a financing agreement is signed.



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