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The Opening Conference of the Block Grant took place on 31st March 2011 in Warsaw at the Business Centre Club, pl. Żelaznej Bramy 10.

At the conference, the speakers presented the assumptions behind both priorities of the Block Grant, i.e. The Non-Governmental Organisations Fund and the Partnership Fund. Also, presented were procedures and schedules of calls for proposals.


Persons interested in the conference, who due to a lack of available places couldn't participate, were able to follow it online. The conference was not only broadcasted but also recorded and made available here.


Conference agenda (in English) and conference presentations (in Polish) are available below:


Conference agenda (ENG and PL)
Filesize 160.28 KB

The Fund for Non-Governmental Organisations - conference materials (PL)
Filesize 289.15 KB

The Partnership Fund - conference materials (PL)
Filesize 287.89 KB



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