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Swiss-Polish Cooperation Programme known as Swiss Funds is a part of non-returnable financial aid programme for the enlarged European Union. Beneficiary countries include Poland and 11 other EU member states which joined on 1st May 2004. Switzerland's support is an expression of solidarity with new EU member states and lays ground for stable economic and political connections with them.

Creation of the Swiss-Polish Cooperation Programme is aimed at reducing economic differences between Poland and more developed EU countries, while in Poland - between dynamically developing city regions and regions that are structurally poorly developed. It will be done through establishing partnerships between Polish and Swiss local and regional authorities or social institutions and partners.

At the basis of the approach that stresses the role of partnership communes in society development lies a belief that only co-operation between all countres, based on engagement and friendship of common citizens can lead to breaking barriers between nations. Reinforced co-operation between Poland and more developed EU states will contribute to creating a stable, peaceful and wealthy expanded Europe, basing its existence on rules of good governance, democratic institutions, rule of law, respecting human rights and sustainable development.

Support within the Swiss-Polish Cooperation Programme is provided to countries and international projects for economically and socially sustainable development. Support will be provided to projects aimed at such issues as: security and support of regional development, improvement of environment and infrastructure, small and medium enterprises development, social development and human resources development.

Within the Swiss-Polish Cooperation Programme a special financing instrument was established -- A Block Grant -- and within it, two funds: the  Fund for Non-Governmental Organisations and the Partnership Fund.



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